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Le XSories Video Contest est terminé : Bravo à Adrien Valéro !

6 octobre 2012 2 commentaires

On vous parlait il y a quelques semaines du concours vidéo XSories : réalisez la meilleure vidéo embarquée, et gagnez pas mal de choses. Le jury a rendu son verdict : C’est le surfeur français Adrien Valéro qui remporte la première place pour la meilleure vidéo. Bravo à lui, qui a eu le courage de partir à l’autre bout du monde, au Mexique, se fatiguer sur les plages et dans les rouleaux, uniquement pour ce concours… Quelle conscience professionnelle.

Le veinard gagne donc un voyage en Martinique pour prolonger les vacances et rapporter de quoi gagner le concours de l’an prochain je suppose. Les suivants n’ont pas démérité d’ailleurs, j’ai eu du mal à décider quelle vidéo publier, et ils ne seront pas oubliées car il y a en tout 10 000€ d’accessoires XSories et Oxbow à gagner ! Je rappelle que la marque XSories fait des accessoires principalement pour caméras embarquées, et pour les riders en général.

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  1. Alberto
    28 octobre 2012 at 12:18

    The previous hderho was the consensus best helmet cam on the market and now with the hderho2 there is absolutely no doubt which one is best. These are just the imporvements that are relevant to me: 1. The screen is MUCH simpler to navigate through and gives you a lot more info even as filming than the previous hderho. Resolution, wide angle/medium wide angle, battery life, remaining recording time on sd card, mode, and confirmation time are all on the screen at the same time. 2. The beeping is louder. With the previous gopro if you had the waterproof housing on it was hard to hear. Not anymore. 3.New super slow mo option. You can now shoot at standard definition at 120 frames a second which lets you play back at incredibly slow mo. On the previous go pro the maximum was 60 frames per second. So you can now go twice as slow. 4. If I’m not mistaken this motorsports editin comes with more mounting hardware than the original hderho. Although this is advertised as having a lens that’s 2x clearer than the original hderho I really can’t tell a difference. The hderho had fantastic 1080p quality, not much to increase on there. There wasn’t much to increase on over the previous gopro and now there’s even less. I have no thought what they are vacant to do for the hero3. 120 frames per second in 720p I guess. GPS speedometer would be cool. Anyway, if you can afford this, get this. Don’t even look at the other helmet cams. If you can’t afford this then get the previous hderho as it is now on sale and is better than any of the other options. The only helmet cam that offers something that hderhos don’t is the contour hd with gps.

    • Sara
      28 novembre 2012 at 16:45

      thanks for the video link I like the underwater aepsct of the Gopro the new Contour roam can go underwater too now and many are adding waterproof protection without a case but to be submerge most still need cases.